Thank You Edublogs!

Thank you Edublogs for picking me as a nominee and a winner of Best student blog, student challenge choice! I am so grateful for everyone who has helped out and voted for me; thank you all, I can’t really express how happy I am! I would like to especially thank my friend Harrison and my teacher for this class that got me so many votes! I’d like to congratulate all the other winners of the other Edublog competitions for best blog, and also all the finalists. Some might be disappointed him/her/they didn’t win, but just think about it: you made it in the top fifties of ALL EDUBLOGS! You should be so proud! I was as well when I was nominated. Anyways, I will try to make a blog post every here and there, but in February, I will be doing a research project for my gym class, so I will be most likely post that as my next post. My teacher is going to celebrate by bringing in chocolate chip cookies she made from home the next time I have this class. Unfortunately that class will me the last time I have this class because it will be the end of the semester. I had a good time taking this class, Digital Story Telling, and if I could I’d continue it next semester, but instead I have Music Composition. I’d just like to thank everyone for voting and helping me out, so PEACE UNTIL FEBRUARY.





Writing Wrongs

This blog is going to about an English class essay I wrote, called Writing Wrongs. What this project was about was something that we found unfair and that needed to be fixed. For example, my letter’s message was to increase the number of coed sports teams, at least in the United States. I sent my letter to President Barak Obama. I included stories that have affected the lives of many young men and women. Increasing the number of coed sports teams would impact so many kid’s lives (in a good way), and make so much less embarrassment and more happiness. You might be thinking “embarrassment?”. But yes, unfortunately a great amount of kids became embarrassed because of these rules throughout the country. Such as the main story I included in my essay, about a young girl named Paige Sultzbach. Paige is a young girl who adores playing baseball, and she was on a team of all boys. She was allowed to be on the team, but when she finally made it to the championship game, the other team forfeited because they didn’t want to face a girl. If I was in Paige’s shoes at that time, my body would be filled with anger, embarrassment, inferiority, and more negative feelings. I’m sure, no one would like to be her at that moment. You would feel like your not capable of doing what boys could do, and you’re like a different kind. Although you are female, doesn’t that still make you a human? And the answer is “Yes, of course!”. In my writing, I said “I know the United States is a free country, so why can’t girls and boys be on the same team?”. To add on, I’m not just speaking for Paige Sultzbach, I’m speaking for hundreds and thousands of kids around the world. I truly hope that Mr. President Barak Obama reads my letter, tries to take action, and maybe reply. That would be super cool if he replied. To wrap this up, I know that girls and boys deserve to have equal rights, and should be allowed to play and compete in sports. If you want to search more information on Paige Sultzbach, go to the following link:

What Being Nominated Means to Me


Being an Edublogs nominee was such an astonishment! I could not believe it, especially since this was my first year on Edublogs!

However, in my opinion, it’s not all about winning a competition, or being in a magazine, it’s what Edublog’s means to you. Personally, I think it’s purpose is to connect with other people around the world and show them what you know; and I’m not the only one. I speak for hundreds, and maybe thousands of people. If you don’t win, it doesn’t mean you lack blogging skills. It doesn’t tell you that you are the worst, it’s just a fun competition, that’s all. If I don’t win, it’s not all that bad because just being in the top contestants is just something that is super cool. Although I would love to win, it’s not the biggest priority in life.

When I first got an E-mail from my teacher saying that I was a nominee, it was shocking and I right away I tried to get as many votes as a could. Having an Instagram helped a lot, and lots of people voted once I put the link in my bio. Then some of my friends even posted some pictures of their own that helped with the voting. I could have not been more grateful! However I felt bad that they did such a big favor for me, and I didn’t give them anything special to do it. I didn’t feel thanking being enough, so I gave them a shout-out on Instagram. I still didn’t feel that was enough so some day I will return the favor for sure. One of them told me “Np opportunities like that don’t come t often” and I agreed with him.

It’s always a fantastic feeling when you know that your friends are willing to do that for you and are always there. Although winning would be such an amazing thing to happen to me, it’s not as important as friends and family. They always are there for you when you need it, and since I was nominated, this showed me a valuable lesson.

Although the Edublogs unit is complete in school, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m going to stop blogging. I had fun blogging in my class, and it was worth it when I got to learn about others by visiting their blog, and meet a few more kids in my school as well. Edublogs has been a great experience for me, and being nominated is such an appreciated and exited event that could happen to me.

My Nominee

My nominee is Mike M. I chose him as my nominee is because he ‘s a super extraordinary kid, and that’s what I love about him. Although I have known him for little time, he has shown great signs of a friendly, comedic and loyal traits.  I also nominated him because he made a blog about breakfast and how it is his favorite meal of the day.  I have to  agree with him on this, as well as why it is his favorite meal. He made a good point saying “… how can you not love fluffy pancakes, crispy bacon, juicy sausages.” You have to admit, and he does prove a good point! Who doesn’t like those foods! I also adore his blog because he mostly looks forward to the breakfast buffets in hotels he stays in when he goes on vacations; instead of all the attractions and sights. I have to agree with him on some levels. I always look forward to relaxing in the hotel. These are the some of the reasons why I nominated Mike  When it comes to food and friendship, we share a strong bond and many similarities. Mike’s blog is Why not vote for him too!tcals024.jpg - Breakfast







My Plans for the Future!

When I grow up to be an adult, after college, I want to be an NHL hockey player on the Boston Bruins. Everyone dreams, and some might not come true. As always, I will try my hardest and my best to achieve my goal, and if that doesn’t work out, you just have to move on and try something new. So, as I was saying , I would like to move to Quebec. Hockey is very popular in Canada, and is a real big sport. I find it very intriguing and and inspiring  that they speak two languages there; French and English. I take French as my language in school, and went to Quebec for a field trip a few weeks ago. Besides French, I would also love to take Italian, and go to Italy. My ancestors are from Italy, and I think their food is delicious, and their culture and architecture extraordinary. Like I explained in my previous posts, “My Awesome Grandmother”, my grandmother is an immigrant from Italy. What I also would like to have is a condo or some type of house in Sunday River, Maine, so I can go skiing there. Because of hockey, I don’t get to go skiing much, but when I do, I have a blast. My friend owns a condo up there, and a few times a year I get a chance to go up there for a weekend and bolt lightning fast down mountains with them! Even when my friends want to go back to the condo, I take advantage and is grateful for the time I’m there and ski with the adults. When I first started skiing, I was very good for a beginner, mostly because I have been playing hockey for a while. I have discovered that a lot of movements are similar to hockey. However, I can be a strange skier too because for some reason, I fall more when I’m stationary! However, when I’m skiing down a trail/mountain I don’t fall as much. Well, so far, that’s partially what I want my future to look like, but there is always more room for more! I’d like to make a note that trying your hardest to accomplish your goal is a really crucial, and if you do, I guarantee much success in your life.

 tn069.jpg - Skiing in Tennessee.

Skiing in Tennessee





How to Make a Great Blog

Imagine you are put as the best student blogger for this years competition! You have fantastic punctuation and grammar, perfect spelling, and great details that locks your reader’s eyes to their screen, yet blows their socks and shoes right off their feet.  There are many things that make up a good blog. From correct punctuation, to catching your reader’s attention.  Besides punctuation and catching your reader’s attention, you should use a sophisticated  choice of vocabulary. Perhaps you can start your blog with an interesting lead, or an interesting topic sentence. You should also make sure that you wrap up your blog with a clincher and restate your message you were trying to get out. Making an interesting blog is very important, and these are some tips that you can use to help make you have a more , amusing and  intriguing blog.

My Connection Life

Technology today is constantly innovating, and making life much more convenient. Letters aren’t used as much as before, because, well why not? You can just type on a computer or on a mobile device such as an Ipod, and send it right away; and have your receiver get it right away.  This is an image of my mind map. This mind map shows my social life and how I connect to the world and its people. Technology these days is so advanced, where you can just talk to someone from across the world, by just dialing a few numbers on your few inch cell phone. You might think its nothing, but it’s HUGE. Back in the 1900s, “mobile phones” were invented. Mobile phones are the older version of cell phones. They were the size of a regular house phone you have at your house, but it was used in your car. It had a wire, and was given power by the car’s battery. Besides phones, I can contact with people through my computer by e-mail and the internet. I can also blog through my computer too. I can blog and talk to students, teachers, and strangers around the world! Not only do I connect with the world through computers and phones, but my Ipod as well. I can communicate through my Ipod with apps, such as Instagram, Kik and Snapchat. Technology has innovated so much since it was invented, and helps us communicate with everyone throughout the whole world!My Connection Life

My Awesome Grandmother

My grandmother is a super cool person and has a really cool history. Because of some of the things she did, I’d most likely wouldn’t of been here today living in the United States. My grandmother was born and lived in Gaeta, Italy. She lived during a war in Italy, until she moved to America (not speaking English or with her family). When she got there, since she didn’t speak English, someone held a picture of her and she knew that she would have to go with that person. She traveled by boat, and I believe it took her about 14 days to get there. If my grandmother never came over to America, I most likely not be here today. I also love Italian food, and my grandma is a fantastic cook. I can’t really think of anything that she makes that I don’t like. From pasta, to be pizza, and from differently served vegetables, to pies, all of it is something My Awesome Grandmother makes.

italy015.jpg - Leaning tower in Italy

Leaning tower in Italy